Leading press-fitting pipes manufacturer-60-year history in Europe

All products are underwritten by PICC

Rothenberger --Pressing tool strategic partner

ANYTOP press connection obtained new Fire Standard

National Authentication
Meet National Fire Technical Standard

Fast Installation

Easy connection with pressing tools

Convenient installation everywhere

High Pressure Resistance

Passes pressure test which can be resist he pressure above 35 KG

Strong Earthquake Resistance

Excellent applied to tall buildings and earthquake region

Resist to strong concussion

ANYTOP promotes in domestic market,well recognized and used by famous property and engineering companies.

Reliable & Durable

Use of high-quality materials with durable O-shape rubber band, tight and no leakage.

ANYTOP brings in press-fit' fitting technique from Europe and creates it premi
um producing techniques, equipment and models to perfectly fit the market
demand. It provides excellent quality products which commonly apply to multifunctional metallic pipe system like Fire Sprinkler, Household Drinking Water, Gas, Petroleum, Central Air-conditioning etc Compared with the traditional thread connection,ANYTOP press-fit system has prominent performance in pressure resistant,durability and cost-saving. It greatly reduces the usage of auxiliary materials, which is environmental friendly. It has been recognized as ' a great innovative revolution in metallic pipeline system' and adapted by various well-known companies.


Reasons to choose Anytop

Three Series Products Display
Products are widely used in fire sprinklers, drinking water, central air conditioning


History of Press Connection
Gunnar Larsson, a engineering from Sweden,invested Press Connection Technique in 20 century
Press Connection has been applied in Germany
Being commonly use around the world and become one of the standard way to connect pipelines.
ANYTOP develop,produce,export Press-fit products including stainless steels,copper and carbon steel pipes and fittings.
ANYTOP rapidly grown


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